Trinity Rugby Football Club

    Photographic Policy

1. Any adult seeking to take photographs of any Trinity RFC Minis or Junior player must first speak with the Head Coach/Manager of that age group; this is a requirement, not just a courtesy.

2. If any of the players, parents or people looking after them object, then no photographs can be taken.

In addition:

• Children must be appropriately dressed for the activity taking place.

• The photograph or recording must focus on the activity rather than a particular young person. Their personal details should never be revealed.

• Where an individual has achieved success in the game, permission must be obtained from a parent/guardian and if over 16 the young person to use the images and relevant details.

• Wherever possible, photographs/recordings should represent the diverse range of young people participating in rugby.

• Anyone taking photographs or recording at any rugby event must have a valid reason for doing so.

• Lead coaches/managers may authorise, from time to time, the taking of head and shoulder photographs of players for the purpose of identifying children.

• All concerns regarding inappropriate or intrusive photography should be reported in confidence to our Club Safeguarding Officer.

• Any parent/guardian who objects to their child being photographed should notify the coach/manager or the Chairman, Secretary or Safeguarding Officer, otherwise it is presumed photographs may be taken and images used on the Club’s website, in rugby related publications, or in press-releases.