The Midwives


“Oh, the Midwives we are coming …”

Welcome to THE MIDWIVES, the re-named, re-booted, re-branded and fondly re-membered members of the OLD MID-WHITGIFTIANS FORMER PLAYERS.

We meet socially and sociably on many occasions throughout the season, notably for the already notorious NOVEMBER and MARCH MIDWIVES LUNCHES.

Our most recent lunch raised a decent amount of dosh for the club by way of a raffle and an auction, in which Paul Weekes-Greener became the proud owner of the LEGENDS shirt which sits beautifully framed in the Snug Bar of the Clubhouse, bearing the plaque ‘WEEKSY’.

Our monthly newsletters from Chief Midwife Jez are an informative delight and forthcoming editions will bear news of the NOVEMBER MIDWIVES LUNCH, which already is beginning to book to the brimful.

So join us as we have a little sing-song, what a merry bunch are we; we’re all boys together we are the MIDWIVES RFC!

Key Contacts

Chief Midwife

Jez Glynne-Jones

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